This is my game…I Dare You to Join Me…

Who do I serve…

Women who are sick and tired of being a prisoner and are ready to be Free.  I will look at all different elements that have held me back in my life and share how I broke free.  With the intention that this will empower and inspire many women to get clear on their desires, see the power in their choices, and be present to enjoy every minute of their wonderful lives.

I will infuse the different dimensions of my take on a woman’s mind, body and soul.  I will share my journey and my present level of Peace… Sharing tools and insights that have lead me to a place of self love (wtf is that anyway…you may ask…more to come on that),  acceptance (yes!, you too can love what is and be ready for more), and peace.  I wish I could say all it took were 100 Serenity Now prayers…lol… but it took a little more than that.  As I look back, it didn’t have to.  That’s why I am ready to get visible and share my journey despite of my fear (yup, I’m scared sh*t…to be seen-they say this too shall pass, I’ll let you know).

Let’s Play!