Stressed. Breathless. Victim. Pissed. Tired. Scattered. Overworked. Overthinking. Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

If you are ready to increase your growth potential this is a great place to start.

1:1 work creates the work environment for lasting change.

I have an irresistible build a package option.

That’s you and me, connecting over the phone, getting to know one another’s goals and deciding if we are a fit.

If we are a fit, step one you agree that you will do what it takes to get there, you decide to invest in you, I commit to get you the results you crave.


Group work is always evolving, right now I am working on a basic fundamentals package…it will include all that I still use today to stay sane.  I have found peace but I’m not perfect, I’m human.

That looks like you, stressed out as hell!!! Panties in a bunch, stilleto’s in the corner, body image rage, energy fatigue, work life imbalance, with no more party left… Looking for relief.

Me here with all the tools that helped me go from high strung, Type A, junk food addict, adrenaline junkie, success and emotionally detached super star…to finding peace, dancing with universal energy, feeling universal downloads with words and intuition, feeling a different kind of power, and freedom than ever before.  Best of all an unshakeable knowledge that together women can do anything.  They say it takes a village, I believe there is truth to that. It does take support and belief, I commit to you that I have both and more.

I believe women are powerful healers, movers, shakers, party makers.  We are in a society that wants us to believe we are not enough, we should thrive in this masculine life and business model where we have to compartmentalize and shut down to succeed.  But us..oh women, we can do so much better than that.  We can look at our crap head on, release our victim, take charge, and live a life like never before.  My dream is that women will learn that together we can achieve a hell of a lot more than apart.  I believe in a day where all women have a community of enlightened women to turn to that have no judgement, just love and support to offer.  I tell you this as my heart swells with love and acceptance for this coming reality.

I have a BA in Psychology, amongst various other coaching, movement and energy certifications.  My tremendous amount of study and self-work is evident in my coaching practice.  I have a passion for freedom and curiosity for a life worth living on my terms.  I live in a world were I do what I want because I want to…all it took was for me to decide.

I do what I do because I was angry as hell! I was raised in a verbally abusive home.  My parents regularly partied and fist fought.  It was very common for me to have a 911 conversation and then eat my words hours or days later as I had to live as if nothing ever happened.  Boy did that suck!!!  All I wanted was to be free from my tight chest and racing heart.  I was always ready… to take quick action, not be seen, or heard, yet ready to stand up for myself.  There was a lot of paradox to that way of life.  Learning to emotionally shut down was one of my greatest strengths at that time.  I found myself in a fist fight…as I thrash her head on the metal gate, my friend whispers “Cathy, if you don’t let her go you are going to kill her”…what??? I let go, stepped back, and thought about real prison, ..oh How badly I wanted to be free, and yet here I was about to change my whole life, because I let myself be a victim to my own anger.  But is that really true…years later, I learned that no-that’s bullshit, I chose! I saw an opportunity to let loose and I took it.  First step ladies, own your shit! There is nothing I haven’t heard…trust me..I am here to help you get clear, release shame, and go for the GOLD…Your True Freedom…. Are you ready for the secret….it’s called…

CHOICE!!!!! You Decide!!! One decision at a time! Wether you like it or not, it’s true! It’s like gravity, whether you admit to it or not doesn’t matter.  It’s still the truth.

My intention is to lower the learning curve for my clients and help them pave the path they desire. I enjoy working with women who are ready to do the work that ‘s going to give them the inner peace and love that they want. There is no better time than the present to enjoy a life full of possibility and intentional action…

For me that’s Living Free to Just Be!!! Let’s get to it…

If you are Ready to Release Stress and Claim Freedom…Schedule a Discovery Call Today!!