At 15 years old, I was an orphan and angry as hell! Triggered by everything – you know, when any little thing can send you over the edge of patience and into the ring with murder/homicide on the brain.  I decided to take some action – no not that! I did want a life of freedom after all… hahahaha. I can laugh now, but at 17 I wasn’t laughing. At 17, I truly faced my reality. That was the last straw.  I just couldn’t be trusted anymore.  I had fully accepted the woe is me victim, and that was just sad!  I searched and searched…worked on becoming the woman I wanted to be. Raised in a lower middle class hispanic neighborhood, I really embodied a certain ghetto. So sad, but true.

By 18, I found some stress release in working out in the mornings – from cardio machines, to spin classes, then finally, as luck would have it,  my first yoga class.  It took some time, but I I learned how to feel the universal love in my heart. I tried Tai chi, chi kung, and energy work.

Best of all, I felt the vibration. It gave me a certain bliss and awareness.  For that I will be forever grateful.

This body of work is very dear to me.  So much so that it just is.  I want to release it to women in a very simple way.  I want every woman to know how to move her energy around as a method and catalyst for change.

Oh women… we are so powerful!

This work is in the creative stage for me. Please contact me if you have any questions or requests. I’m always open to some universal co-creating.  Is that you?…